Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jedi Mind Trick for Parents

Do you find yourself endlessly aggravated as you toss out countless amounts of food and dump gallons of milk down the drain that your children did not or will not consume? It feels like hundreds of dollars going to waste, not to mention my time in preparing it! I could not handle it anymore. Hence, the Jedi mind trick. 

Now, as I'm scraping approximately $4.42 worth of chicken and vegetables into the trash I tell myself, "they ate so perfectly tonight. I'm so happy I was able to spend 1 hour and 48 minutes preparing this meal and spent $22 purchasing it. They are really going to grow big and strong by eating this healthy, home-cooked meal. I could have easily gone the easy/cheap route and fed them a 50cent hotdog, but I'm so happy I went the extra mile and paid the extra buck!" 

Of course they didn't eat well. Both the money and time were basically a bust. However, if they HAD eaten the food it would still be gone. Soooo.... to end my insanity I will fool myself into to believing the food went into their tummies vs my trash. And until I discover a Jedi mind trick to actually make them eat the food, I would suggest parents take my advice and start fooling yourself. The next time you're at the heaping garbage can you may just find yourself thankful for that little Sunshine Bomb.

And of course the bright side of all of this... my dogs always come immediately when called because hey, they're opportunists and they sure as hell won't pass up a good plate of left-overs.  

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  1. I just found myself frustrated with this last night (and the past 12 years of dinners). They always seems to scarf down breakfast though so if I'm hard up for a successful meal, I can always make the ever famous breakfast dinner? Sometimes it's just a self-esteem boost....