Friday, May 10, 2013

Games for Tired Moms

As of late I've been working a lot. A ridiculous amount actually. It has lead to increased drinking, reduced sleeping, and your basic stressed induced insanity. 

To ease the anxiety of my present lifestyle I was forced to invent some new games to remain involved with my tiny humans while exerting the least amount of energy. 

Read on, you never know when you may need to pull these tricks from the big bag of parenting... 

1) Let's Play Puppy! Mommy will lay on the couch, toss a ball, and children pretend to be puppies fetching ball! This was fun for at least 20 minutes - with a few small breaks between but for 1 and 3 yr olds, that's pretty damn good. 

2) Let's Play Pretend Sleep! This is a fabulous game in which all players lay down and pretend to be sleeping. Yep, that's it. For unknown reasons fake snoring is highly fun for children which is especially excellent for sleepy parents. 

3) Painting Mommy's Toenails! This game can be tricky. It should only be done outdoors. WARNING: You might walk away with a seriously scary pedicure. However, the end result is the same. Mommy gets to stop moving for at least 15 minutes while child is happily and safely occupied. It's worth the extra money you will spend on polish remover, trust me. 

Parents/Grandparents/Sitters and Childcare Givers of all kinds hope you will find these little games helpful on your next exhausted night... And the Bright Side is that when the children tire of these "motionless" games there's a Starbucks on nearly every corner offering tasty caffeinated beverages. ROCK ON with your tired self!