Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Card Superstar

Yep. That's me. Christmas Card Superstar. Now that Thanksgiving is over I realize it's time to start thinking about the expected although dreaded "family photo Christmas card". Something I never imagined I would partake in as so many people send the photo, no personal message. Don't get me wrong, I like the photos and I get it. Sometimes as a parent one simply doesn't have time to spend hours writing messages on the back of a holiday card. But if parenthood has taught me nothing else, it has taught me the truth of "never say never." (Although I still write a short message on the back of each card hoping this creates some level of personalization). 

In any case, each year I strive to get a quality photo in which all family members are smiling, eyes open, facing the camera,  hair and clothing fairly clean, etc. But this is apparently too much to ask. Last year one child was looking the other way but smiling, the other was looking at the camera but crying. And I think I had a hole in my shirt. I ran with it. There comes a point in which one must move forward. I probably should have given up and opted for this thumb print card idea...

But crying, eyes closed, hair out of place, etc, all pale in comparison to the rockin' card I made the first year my daughter was born. The photo was actually perfect. Everyone was smiling and happy laying on a blanket on the beach facing the camera. It was truly cute, festive, and frame worthy.... until of course you read the printed note. The one in which I wrote the Merry Christmas message from each family member including both dogs and the horse but FORGOT to include my daughter. Pretty much the only person in the photo anyone cared to see. 

Shortly after I sent my adorable family photo Christmas cards I noticed I had received many emails and a few voicemails. At first I thought perhaps I was hearing from long lost friends to chat about that cute baby on the card. Ummmm, no. They were calling to inform me I was a complete momo and forgot to include my own daughter on the freaking family photo Christmas card. While it was great the horse said hello, they found it strange the new mommy left out the child. Embarrassing to say the least. Although my mother was kind enough to offer that she thought I left her out on purpose since I signed the note on the back from my daughter. Thanks mom. But it's ok. I can handle the truth... 


The bright side of this tale of Christmas card embarrassment? I did have a memorable card amongst the many and it did lead to lots of contact with old friends... But will I ever live that down? Need a Sunshine Bomb.

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