Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pinterest Perfect Decorating, Courtesy of the Sunshine Bomb

Pinterest Peeps! You will positively fall in love with these easy DIY decorating ideas. Hell, they're so simple your children can help!

Let's begin with what I call Tea Party to Go

You can clearly see that possibilities abound with this clever yet functional decor idea. Simply toss tea party supplies absolutely anywhere and you'll not only sprinkle your floor with tea party fun, you are also ready for crumpets any time, any place.

Next up is the Fancy Wine Thing Stashed in a Corner.

 A two-foot tall wine decanter that absolutely exudes elegance while neatly stashed in the corner of a home office for over 3 years, always longing to release the bouquet of a fine wine... A convenient location that could double as an adult "time-out" corner with a robust bottle of red.

And lastly for this entry of Pinterest Perfect, Closet Art. 
I know what you're thinking! What a FABULOUS way to dress up a closet! And it's as easy as spending countless hours searching for that precise piece of art that will make a room and then prop it up in a closet for months on end.

There's no need to go searching for the Bright Side in this tale of DIY tips, it's obvious. Not only will you save yourself a pretty penny by not hiring an over-priced decorator, but you will find that you are the envy of all your friends!


  1. I've got the closet art down! complements my shelf of empty photo albums.

  2. Heard that! I've got an armoire doing a nice job of holding those as well...