Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thank You for the Music

I want this documented because I'm a realist and I know this shiz won't last. My kids actually enjoy my singing. They ask me to sing to them. I'm not going to be joining Glee anytime soon because truly, nobody (else) enjoys my singing and therefore the ratings would tank. Otherwise I'm sure the show producers would call and ask me to do a guest appearance. Anyway, my children DO like my singing and sometimes, a mommy needs that.

This morning was one of those mornings. Unfortunately (for all involved) the man of the house has had the flu for 4 days and has been less like the man of the house and more like the useless lump of the house. It's been all mommy all the time and I was tired. My entire human hurt because I have been panic exercising in an attempt to insta-remove excess holiday weight by doing "explosive" lunges I read about in Women's Health. (I apologize to any neighbors that may have been witness to the "explosive" lunging.)

In any case I finally dragged myself from the safety of my bed and pretended to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I even made a "blender". (For those unfamiliar, a "blender" is essentially a smoothie but my daughter named it a blender because... it's made in a blender). The blender is a fair amount of work for an overly-tired, pre-caffeinated mommy. It requires going above and beyond with multiple ingredients, cleaning the blender, cutting fruit, etc. But the children love it so I made it. Plus, the blender offers the perfect portable yet healthy option when we're running late to my daughters pre-school. We are always running late. 

Within 4 minutes of handing the children their little cup of sunshine the 1 year old drops his while attempting to carry his cup in addition to two enormous stuffed animals. And thus the downward spiral begins... We are already running late but now I am cleaning a sticky floor, cleaning a sticky child, cleaning sticky stuffed animals, and preparing a new portable breakfast option. You will be impressed to know I did do all of this (silently cursing) and managed to arrive a mere two-minutes late to pre-school. 

But the saving grace of the chaotic morning, the Bright Side, was getting in the car and the kids requesting "We Are Young" by Fun. Thank you children! This was not a Disney Classics kind of morning. And thankfully, they like to hear it loud and everybody sings at the top of their lungs. Even the 1 year old is yelling something incomprehensible. And all former frustration is temporarily gone. Rock on my friends. Rock on. Even if the other children and parents are staring in disgust and possibly horror as you roll into pre-school with your blaring bad voices be loud and be proud. Because for that moment of sanity, it's worth it. 

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