Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Disney Rasta Princess?

I have to know, what UP with the hair on the Disney Princess dolls? Has anyone else noticed that it becomes un-combable within moments of being placed within your childs eager hands? Perhaps at 3 my daughter is too young to maintain the pre-packaged coif? But somehow I don't think that's it. The Strawberry Shortcakes and My Little Ponies remain silky... 

In the end I've decided they all may need an alter-ego to match their newly adopted alternative hair. I invite you to meet the Disney Working Princesses...

Stunning in her silky, metallic, golden-rod yellow ball-gown, RastaBelle has chosen to go the Rasta way allowing her Auburn mane to become dreadlocks. Some believe the change may have come as a result of time spent dating an actual wolf-mangling beast. NOTE: She has been treated for mange and is good to go! Accessories may include: Tie-dye ball gown and peace pipe.

Up-All-Night Aurora

Bedazzled in pink, you'll find Up-All-Night Aurora to be the perfect pairing for your coke and/or immensely over-caffeinated energy drink habit. She sports a cutting-edge do that requires no combing, no stying, just frizz and go. Accessories may include: Over-sized coffee mug and Shiv.


After years of befriending small wild rodents, birds, and the like, Snow-White decided to don a new look she appropriately calls "the Nest." With a density similar to that of tightly woven sticks and small branches, her wooly mane doubles as an animal-friendly home while still allowing her to rock the club scene on weekends. Accessories may include: 2 decoy eggs to be placed in "the Nest"

The Bright-Side of the bombshells with the bad shells? One less doll for the mom to brush and do hair. Even the 3 year-old knows there's no point in trying with this tragic Trio of the Evening... 

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  1. Bwaaaaah haaaa!! Thanks for laughs! I needed that today. You a funny biatch, yo!