Thursday, August 16, 2012

Brush with... Wetness?

Since the birth of my daughter 3 years ago, I’ve been arguing with some uninvited guests… those unsightly “top of the morning to ya” muffins that continue to peer over the edge of my jeans! 

After too much talk and not enough action, I dragged my lazy butt from the comfort of my bed to go for a morning jog. I knew it would be tough. I knew I would hate it. But I forged on envisioning myself back in my old jeans, sans muffin-top of course. 

Unfortunately all did not go as planned. I faced an “inconvenient truth” of my own in the wee hours of the morning as I jogged alone past countless bystanders. That truth involved my bladder. More specifically, the lack of control by said bladder. 

Yes, it’s true. About half way through my jog I noticed the sweet sensation of urination in the Nike shorts. Too bad I didn’t pack a diaper for myself. However, on the bright side, I am no marathon runner and only had to hobble humiliated a mere 10 blocks to safety. 

Once home I burst through the front door and snapped at my husband about the havoc pregnancy wreaks on the female body. And just as I was about to cry, I set my eyes on the smiling face of my little Angel and I realized she is worth every soggy step! Look out muffin top, I’ll be back…  

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